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Immigrate to Canada

Do you have an innovative business idea? If you can get support for your idea, you may be able to immigrate to Canada.

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Work in Canada

Canada Immigration uses Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence.

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Study in Canada

While an international student, you can also work while studying and can qualify to apply for a Post Graduate Open Work Permit.

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Liaise and represent employers before the respective provincial government and assist in completing application to qualify to hire foreign workers under the respective Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Through PNP, it enables Canadian employers to hire foreign workers permanently in a timely fashion through simplified Government processes and procedures.

BC Provincial Nominee Program:

  • Assist to refine or edit job specification in accordance with the National Occupational Classification;
  • Assist Employer to advertise the position(s) via job postings, websites, newspapers, bulletin boards and other usual methods; (advertising charges may apply).
  • Assist to obtain and review résumés of prospective workers, short list candidates and forward to employer for further consideration'
  • Assess education and work experience of the prospective candidate;
  • Choose applicable pathways based on the job offer, work experience and education;
  • Assist Employer and Candidate with the application processes of BC PNP;
  • Assist successful candidate and accompanying dependents, if applicable, with the completion of Permanent Resident applications and submission to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

A handheld service offers guidance & cultural awareness with respect to the employment relocation of our international candidates.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

If Employer decides to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment, we liaise and represent employers before Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) in the completion and submission of application to obtain a “Labour Market Impact Assessment” in order to hire foreign workers.

  • Upon request by the Employer, prepare, make and process LMIA, including obtaining and assembling all information and documents required by ESDC and, if necessary, assist to refine or edit job specifications in accordance with the National Occupational Classification issued by ESDC.  
  • Assist to advertise the position offered by Employer via job postings, websites, newspapers, bulletin boards, and other usual methods.
  • For an approved LMIA where no Worker is named, resubmit LMIA with the name of the Worker for approval by ESDC.
  • Represent Employer in all dealings with ESDC in respect of LMIA.
  • Report to Employer with respect to status of LMIA at all reasonable times.
  • Respond to all requests made by ESDC with respect to additional information or documents.
  • Forward results of LMIA to Employer.
  • Assist to obtain and review résumés of prospective Workers Employer's consideration.
  • Assist with the Work Permit application of successful candidate and applicable Work Permits and/ or Study Permits of dependents, if applicable.